I’m not just a Web Designer I’m also a very creative Graphic Designer…

Don’t believe it? Than see it for yourself!


I’m not a big fan of Dribble. Maybe that’s because I never got that special invitation, but I simply don’t think that a designer can present the concept in just 400×300 pixels. I certainly wouldn’t want to base my decision to hire someone on a portfolio composed of small rectangle shots.

I’m sure that after you finish viewing my portfolio you will ask yourself, How could he have the chance to work with those amazing brands? But for every question my friend, there’s always an answer.

So… Let’s get in contact and I will tell you my story!

Get in touch!

I'm located in Managua - Nicaragua. Let’s discuss your web project by setting up a meeting and putting the cards on the table! I can help you develop a successful web presence with the right blend of creative proportion and cutting edge technology.